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A Coloring Book Designed for the Mental Gamers

It's no secret this is a busy time for all of us here at Action Publishing, meaning we have some new products ready for print.

One of them being the Geometric Coloring Book, with drawings from our highly talented artists, N.J. Busse and Michael Morris.

Both started putting their mind to paper in May 2016 to get this gender neutral coloring book on store shelves by winter.

They thought of their favorite art pieces that would attract everyone to what they love to do, and mind challenging drawings seemed to be the perfect fit.

When asked what users will see when they open up the book, Morris responded with "They'll experience tessellations, abstract and perspective art," something he said he's very familiar with.

Morris worked months drawing 18 different pieces that some would say are tricky to the human eye, which is why he said he chose this kind,"It's collaborative, it's challenging, focused and relaxing."

He also said he wants the artistic mind to,"Think in multiple dimensions as they cruise around the paper," which is something he said this book is sure to master.

The coloring book will jump into print on Thursday with hopes of being available in November.