Preparing For Your Sub

As a substitute teacher, I always go in with a smile on my face and I put my best foot forward, whether it’s Kindergarten, 3rd grade, or High School Math. However, there are always road bumps. These bumps would normally not even phase the normal teacher because it’s their classroom. They know their exact routines and the perfect way to deal with each of their students. When you have a sub coming in, we all know you need stuff to get done.

If you can be there the day before to make sure you have things set out and ready to go, it cuts down the amount of time we have to waste hunting for things. I love the few teachers that gave me little welcome notes; one teacher even left me some candy to fuel my day and invited me to have some tea or coffee from the Keurig in their room. It made me feel welcome and appreciated. However, sometimes it’s an emergency. Forget having enough time to get lesson plans in, you barely have time to call for the sub! I once had a teacher writing me sub notes frantically in the E.R. in his paper gown. This is just a little list of things that you could put in place to make your life, your sub’s life, and your students’ lives easier when you can’t be there.

The Sub Binder

Useful things that won’t change (often)

This is a binder that you can create that can be in your room for whenever you need it. It’ll take a little while to put it together initially, but it will be worth it! It would also be good to update it every so often, just to make sure everything is up to date. Once you have it ready to go, make sure another teacher knows where it is, in case you have to leave in an emergency. This way, you’ll always h