Habits of Mind : Part Four

In part 4 of the Habits of Mind, we will be looking at the final four Habits. These four fit together quite well. These four habits are all about trying something new, even though it may not go as planned. They’re about putting yourself out there and being able to laugh it off and learn from the parts that didn’t go as planned. To read Part One, click here, for Part Two, click here, Part Three, click here.

Taking Responsible Risks

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” – Babe Ruth

This habit of mind is all about putting yourself out there. Trying something new or different can be scary, but you can never let the fear of the worst stop you from trying in the first place. Be adventurous! Try a new way of doing things, try something for the first time. The experience in and of itself can be a rewarding adventure.

It helps if your students feel like they are in a safe place to try new things. Have a classroom where the ‘wrong’ answer is just a stepping-stone in the right direction. When it comes to discussions, if I don’t follow how a student got to a certain conclusion, I ask them to explain their reasoning so I can see how they got there. I admit that I’ve taken and continue to take my own responsible risks. Sometimes they work better than I planned. Other times, at least I learned something interesting. Encourage students to try new endeavors; try out for the team, try a new club, share your thoughts in class.