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An Affordable 3D-Printed Arm

Students at UCF are designing an inexpensive 3D printed arm for kids. I'm sure you've heard of 3D printing by now. Slowly our minds are adjusting to the fact that this isn't just science fiction, that 3D printing will soon be as common as anything. While there is debate about the inevitable economic ramifications of this, in the fields of medicine and technology 3D printing is changing lives.

The greatest thing about 3D printed limbs is that they are affordable and practical, they go beyond simply filling in the gaps so clothes fit, they go beyond helping someone simply stand and walk relatively well. Check out this video to see how 3D printing is changing lives.

Veritasium is a great Youtube Channel that make videos about science, and education. I'd say that age groups ranging from Middle School to High School could grasp and discuss many of the concepts in these videos and be thoroughly entertained but they are certainly more of an adult approach to their production.

Learn more and see how you can get involved by checking out The Collective Project on Tumblr, follow @MSONeNote on Twitter or head over to

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