“Blame” : Dr Brené Brown

It's almost the weekend, well, it's wednesday, so we are gonna call it over. It's a good time to slow down and reflect on our work life as well as our home life. This is the second RSA Short animating Dr Brené Brown's talk on Blame. Like most of Brown's Ted-talks she has a way of helping us get to the core of our behavior and examine it alongside us without coming across as judgmental. Blame is one of those words that is adorned with mental images, emotions and memories. It's a negative word, but it is also a behavior that can be understood in ourselves, our children, and our relationships.

In the full talk (and I highly recommend everything Brown has available to watch, listen to and read) she explains that Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and pain. If you're anything like me, I prefer to watch and listen to this stuff when I'm not reeling from an argument with my husband.

My two-sense? take it in when you're feeling introspective. So that when the next argument occurs with, say, your mother

, you might not have to drag yourself over the coals trying to understand what went so wrong. It's a funny and short little video but it's a good one. As Donal Draper would say, "It's simple, but significant." And when you take a moment to understand human behavior it's amazing how you can take a bad argument with someone and change the coarse in a healthy way, even in a way that makes you feel closer to that person rather than detached and fuming with frustration.

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