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What Is Engineering?

How does someone become an Engineer? What inventions do we take for granted? How do we define Engineering? This video is a great way to get your students thinking about Engineering in it's most basic form.

Take a step back and examine objects that define our routine every day. Ask your students; is a toothbrush a piece of engineering? A T-shirt? What about A Pencil?

Begin a discussion about how Engineering is all around us, from the pencils we use, to the chairs we are sitting in, to the computer screen we are looking at now. All of these things were created by someone to solve a problem no matter how simple it may seem to us now.

This video is intended for 6th-10th Grade, but can certainly be used in many different classrooms. Don't forget to comment down below and ask others what projects they use to teach basic engineering.

[This animation was made by the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle (, working with illustrator Jeremy Ley ( and creative director Nick Parker from Light Creative (]

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