Supplements & Inserts

Add these daily planner inserts and supplements to your Action Agenda to help your students handle the difficult things in life, resist peer pressure, deal with bullying, manage their money, develop character, go-green, and many other resources:

Personal Supplements

Anti-Bullying Supplement. 

No bull. Bullying is wrong! Learn more and take a stand against it.

Anti-Drug Supplement

Protecting yourself from the things that can harm you is a skill you must learn to have a happy life.

Character Supplement.

We are each like a drop of water splashing into a pond. Our actions cause concentric ripples of actions.

College Supplement.

This is the time for you to stretch your intellect, open your mind to the thoughts and knowledge of others, and look into your future.

Conflict Resolution Supplement.

Learning how to solve disagreements and make good compromises will go a long way to make your life better.

Go-Green Supplement.

You will feel good about yourself and others when “green” choices are made.

Personal Finance Supplement.

Understanding your financial resources and assuming responsibility for them will allow for you to have a better life.

SOAR® Study Skills Program.

Use your time in school to your best advantage.

Teacher Supplement.

Saving the world, one student at a time, may sound like a pretty lofty goal, but that's what you're doing.


BookLog Supplement.

Have your students track their book reading during the year. Have them write the author, how much time they read and more.

Extended Calendar Supplement.

Add Action's Extended Calendar Supplement. Our 3 year calendar will help your students look ahead at a glance.

Hall Pass Supplement.

Use our Hall Pass supplement to track your students when they need to leave the classroom. Add date, time out, time in and their destination.

Multiplication Supplement.

Action's Multiplication Supplement shows your student the multiplication table from 0 to 12.

Roman Numerals Supplement.

Action's Roman Numeral Supplement shows your student roman numerals 1 through 100 and 500 and 1000.

Parent Teacher Log Supplement.

Action's Parent Teacher Log Supplement will help the teacher to communicate to the students parents and back to the teacher.

Improving Test Scores

Improving Test Scores, Student Supplement:

The Student Supplement will help your student to answer the question “Why are study & test-taking skills so important?”

Improving Test Scores, Teacher Supplement:

Teacher Issues & Concerns. The Teacher Supplement will help your teachers answer the question “How do I teach and still maintain my professional credibility?”

Improving Test Scores, Parent Handout:

The Parent Handbook Supplement will help answer the question “What can I as a parent do to help my child score better on the school’s standardized tests?”

Improving Test Scores, Administration Supplement:

Develop a system for administering the tests that gets the most out of teachers and students.

Life Skills Infographics

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