In a world of over 7 billion people, linked in an electronic web of instantaneous communication and networking, rapid change is the norm. Such change can exhilarate, challenge, or frighten, depending on a person’s curiosity, willingness to learn, ability to imagine the future— and their place in it.

Curiosity leads to learning, but what the curious person learns may not always be exactly what someone else is trying to teach. The trick is to remain curious and engaged in spite of challenges.

Imagination is the ability to take what’s learned from the exercise of curiosity and ask “What if?” Applying imagination to problems transforms the world.

Critical Thinking

What we think we know should always be tested against the real world through observation, experimentation, and reflection. Only then can knowledge effectively serve action.

Time Management

Every goal—and every step toward that goal—takes time to achieve. Managing the time to complete each stride thus becomes as important as plotting the path to get there.

Here is an example of what 21st Century Life Skills come with every Action Student Planner: Self, Relationships, and World.  These levels embody six life skills for students that, when mastered, make reaching goals a much easier task.


Humans are social by nature. Our greatest achievements result from pooling our individual skills and by working together toward goals that benefit everyone.


Effective communicators use language to shape minds and attitudes like an artist uses paint or clay to shape an inner vision. All such powerful tools should be used with care and precision.


Every action requires the power and ability to begin. When thoroughly prepared, find the power to act by imagining what you will achieve when reaching the goal.


Information Literacy

Effective research requires comprehensive knowledge and utilization of the tools to organize, critically evaluate, and share that knowledge to solve problems.

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